We stop, we think, and it's constructive.

Let's take the time to pause instead of running or making us "walk" unnecessarily. I am a European citizen who wants real peace and real security (food, environmental, legal, energy, goods and people, etc.) for all.

But Europe does not work well.
Why ?
Probably for the reasons explained here.





present :


1- Equality!

European countries have made sure to have a common market but not with the same rules of the game! That's enough ! We have a European market, so the same economic rules (taxes, charges, social protections) must apply.

More explanations here.


2 - Brotherhood!

We have common decisions to make for living together and facing the rest of the world, so every European citizen must be able to understand what the other person is saying: we need a common language.

More explanations here.


3 - Freedom of access!

To eradicate economic hypocrisy: we must have access to real market transparency (trade agreements between countries / continents, laws, public accounts, etc. and cancel the business secrecy that protects schemers and lobbies.)

More explanations here.






Without the 3 points:

  • The same rules of the economic game (taxes, taxes, social charges, etc.)
  • A common language (to understand each other directly)
  • Real transparency of markets, laws, public accounts and cancel business secrecy.

no need to go further
in the European construction.

If you find these 3 relevant ideas, what should you do? We have to do the work that others do not do: spread this website to your friends, that these 3 ideas exist in the debate and leave if you want, a trace of your passage (it's not a petition, petitions do not serve much, the objective is to show that you have read these lines and that a maximum of Europeans read them).

I find this information relevant.







Extra information :

- Social charges and taxes must be the same for all Europeans (equity from the top of Eastern European countries and others)

- Corporate taxes must be the same for everyone (Ireland, European tax havens and all the other countries that cheat to attract businesses to their home, that's enough!).




Extra information :


- The European spirit must really be born, and that means a common language (Esperanto or any other language that the Europeans deem relevant), which is not that of a particular nation. Every European must learn this common language, that States accept and teach this language in all schools.

- One or more European media to build a stronger link between Europeans. "Arte", "Euronews" exist, even though these channels may have the flaws of state channels. But they do not use a common language and it is once again the countries that put the most money that take the power. Each country must participate in proportion to its number of inhabitants but without having more space for expression than the others. Each country must freely broadcast these channels. This is how we build relationships, understanding the culture and motivations of others.



Freedom of access!
Extra information :


- The total transparency of the public sphere (accounts) must be a reality and elected officials must be obliged to inform their electors about their votes and their motives to vote for such a choice. (the texts of the laws are obscure?) So let's act on this point too thanks to the transparency because it is not the national or international industrial / commercial lobbies that must impose their laws, but the citizens in order to be protected!

- The immigration of which so many complain, will stop when Europe stops intervening in the countries of origin! Because Europe is "a marchers", and European countries buy oil, gas from countries that do not have our values of freedom and democracy (even if in the field of democracy there would be many things to say here too: we are not here to give lessons to other countries). Europe continues to plunder resources (for example those of the oceans that border the African countries, depriving them of their resources), and floods these countries with our surplus of agricultural products which destroy their markets. Also, we continue to support other dictatorships that provide us with cheap products (clothing and others).

It is not globalization that is in question, it is our own corruption.



For decades, nationalism has sabotaged Europe, each nation defends its financial interests in the short term and not those of all:

  • agri-food interests for France,
  • industrial interests for Germany,
  • finance interests for England,
  • Mafias internal to the country, etc ...

And this nationalist sabotage is currently encouraged by the US and Russian governments who have never had a real interest in Europe being fully effective and strong, and above all not "stronger" than them.